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My thoughts exactly. Compared to the average level of intelligence in that room he's a genius level reporter. That's a terrifying reality.

I hope he pitches his vitamin supplements to the other reporters.

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The press pool has the brains of Millie Weaver and none of the looks to make up for it.


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Note: This post isn't aimed at you I'm just replying because of the topic.

It's funny how grocery stores and drug stores have been, for the past 50 years, selling vitamin supplements, water filters, shelves full of bottle purified water and 'fear monger' about how useful it is to buy them but Alex Jones does the same thing people get all cry baby about it. I bet the people who complain about Jones selling water filters shop at stores that sell water filters and advertise them daily/weekly using the same marketing techniques. Blows my mind how people choose to only see what they want.

From Brita's website (where to buy):,,,,,,,,,

Same list for vitamin supplements: Target, Walgreens, Walmart. CVS - Don't beleive me? Then go to one and browse the store. You'll see the fear mongering in their ads and shelves packed with vitamin supplements all claiming to do one thing or another.

New York Times article slipping in that you should buy vitamins from GNC or Whole Foods

And I can post thousands of articles of MSN hocking pills everyday from their sponsors that can possibly give you 'suicidal thoughts' and other horrible things. But Oh no let's bash Alex Jones for selling the same shit everyone else sells because he isn't allowed to do what they do.

Acne drug blamed for suicides

Anti-smoking drug 'greatly raises suicide risk and should only be used as a last resort'


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The Press Pool could use some Bone Broth to get back their Primal Essense