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They're the boy that cried wolf.

Donald Trump could become Stalin 2.0 tomorrow and nobody would realize it because the media's autistic screeching would be at the same hysterical pitch as it is right now.

That's a huge disservice to us.

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Star Trek always has a relevant clip.

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There's no "news" or "newsrooms" any more. There is just CIA/deep-state propaganda machines.

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Suspend any media that reports fake news

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yeah fuck the 1st amendment

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Yeah, we shouldn't trample over the 1st amendment like that.

It frustrates me that there's no way to feasibly and instantly stop them, it really does. It honestly hurts to see my mother believe everything that these pieces of shit say, but you must let them talk. Let them continue to destroy their own credibility. Alex Jones and other more truth outlets are getting more and more popular while trust in the media is getting more and more lower.

Maybe people like my mother will never stop believing them, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that ENOUGH people stop believing, and cripple the fake news cartel. The Russia narrative is falling apart. People have a hard time believing in it, especially when the muslims are around causing problems for us, the same muslims which have caused problems for the russians as well.

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Makes me wonder what they are afraid of.

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Being implicated by someone who isn't on the dole, probably.

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Losing control of the country.

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What was your first clue?

I have been watching them do this with every republican since Clinton first took office. But overtime their desperation has increased, and in the case of trump it's grown so large they can't even control themselves anymore. They can't maintain the plot because they can't even be rational, they just start foaming at the mouth when they mention his name.

It's pretty bizarre.

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Links to the original article since OP is a faggot. Also, it is nice to see a confession on what we already know.

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/may/18/destroying-donald-trump-all-that-matters-to-some/ http://archive.is/YgER2

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It's extremely sad. I think the media wonders how a guy like that could have ever ended up getting elected...

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Mildly related side note; they have CNN on all the time at work (because I've realized that 90% of people are basically NPCs) and they came back from commercial with the slogan "The most trusted name in News". It definitely got a good chuckle out of me.

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Was it your first time watching television? That has been their slogan for years. Fox is "Fair and Balanced" and that's just as hilarious.

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It's just a simulation bro!

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Yes - it has become extremely obvious to anyone half paying attention that also possesses half a critical thinking brain cell.

It is soooo depressingly obvious.

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