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Ironically it is white people who are in need of safe spaces from minorities, as we are often subjected to crimes by them but the reverse happens practically never.

Leftism is like some kind of Stockholm syndrome where people reverse in their minds the victims and the perpetrator.


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The interesting thing is the left is predicated on the foundation that society needs to be controlled guided by a select few individuals irregardless of what the individual or majority wishes.

The "Democratic" party demands socialism. It demands that your rights be taken away lest they cause offense. It cries that people should be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. It rails that anything not put out by the Democratic Party officials is wrongthink, and that history must be demolished if it is 'offensive'.

If you were to imagine the political parties as kids on a playground the Democratic Party is a young girl who throws mud on the little boy for not playing along with her games and then cries to authority for the little boy getting her hands dirty.

Fucking cunt.


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irregardless is not a word

you mean either irrespective or regardless

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It says, right there "nonstandard", meaning it makes you sound like an illiterate fuckface