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There is no "muslim ban''. You got suckered by fake news


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That there isn't one to begin with is pathetic in and of itself. Oh well, more rapefugees for us!


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https://archive.is/5wd56 | :

Trump call for Muslim ban deleted from site after reporter's question | TheHill

' A federal judge in Hawaii placed a nationwide block on the second travel ban on March 15. '

'Trump signed a revised travel ban in March after a federal judge placed a nationwide halt on his initial executive order. '

'The "Muslim ban," which was announced in December of 2015 during Trump’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, has been the subject of strong controversy. '

'The section of Trump's site holding campaign "Statements" is now bare, as are those for "Announcements," "Endorsements" and "Ads."', "President Trump’s campaign appears to have scrubbed the 2015 press release calling for a halt on Muslim immigration to the United States following a reporter’s question on Monday — as well as all its other campaign statements.“Minutes after we asked the WH why the President's campaign website still calls for a Muslim ban, it appears the statement was deleted,” ABC News’s Cecilia Vega wrote on Twitter."

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Hey Trump worshipers, your golden boy is once again fucking up his campaign promises. Any of you want to explain to me how this involves chess or something? While you do so I'll remind you that we're still taking "refugees" and bombing Syria in the name of Israel still happened.