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I have lost count of 'christians' telling me I am going to hell for being an atheist. Sincerely a pissed off atheist...

Edit: only 3 downvoats so far? Worth it just to make a point until you assholes hide it. Maybe I should violate my rule about downvoating anyone? You are not worth it.

Edit 3: 5 DV so out of sight but not mind. The hypocrisy of Christians is evident. Christians often snivel and whine about persecution but look at what these Christians are doing to an atheist who has the balls to speak out. HYPOCRISY at its finest.

Edit 2: 5 DV? C'mon, you xtians can do better.

Edit 4: If I respond with a new reply then that allows the christians to add to the -dv score. I do not delete comments because I want to show the hypocrisy of christians for persecuting other groups of people. Amazing the rabid dog response of the people who dv-ed me. Fun to poke fun at hypocritical. I still have many hundreds of up voats left. At times like these xtians are no better than moslems.


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Downvoated on an internet forum ...oh the humanity.

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So they think you are going to hell for being an atheist. That bothers you why?

Also, you care way too much about your vote score if you feel it necessary to comment (much less multiple times) on getting downvoted.

You appear to be overly sensitive. You might be happier if you cared less what other people think.