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They Don’t Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do.


[–] GoatsRFaggots [S] 5 points 3 points (+8|-5) ago  (edited ago)

"They didn't Think it Be like it is"

Berkeley COPS involved - check

School support - check

Faux Bikers with Pamela Geller brought in for circus - check

The anti-fa were fighting on their own turf, and all the players were in place. The problem of course is witnesses, and everybody streaming mostly live with periscope,...

Once the raw video hit 4chan, but sheer numbers of people the players with masks were un-masked. These GOV op's didn't expect it this way, its a lot like if the public had been invited to view "Sandy Hook", then the outcome would have been much different.

The battle of Berkeley was a "Made for TV Show", and made to get the right-wing all riled up, these ANTI-FA SOROS gimps never figured on getting identified.

SOLUTION? Ban all cell phones at public events, its the only solution :)


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PantieFa or InfantiFa.


[–] Rhino7682 ago 

y we want them idenyified


[–] GoatsRFaggots [S] 12 points -4 points (+8|-12) ago  (edited ago)

Well these are the same people who solved /v/pizzagateunedited, thus its not surprising.

4CHAN is US NAVY INTEL, created to activate their Manchurian candidates from the old projects from the 1950's. Like FBI-anonymous lots of people on 4chan are US-MIL, and COPS; So they have these sophisticated tools to ID people, from just their eyes.

If the Saudi's & Israel, didn't fuck the child sex-slaves to death, and then bleed them and harvest organs in Israel, there would probably be some photo-graphic evidence found by now to solve pizzagate. Sadly, these must ban cameras in Abu-Ghraib for children in Saudi & Israel. There are rumors USA gov does have the videos of children being raped by dogs in Abu-Ghraib, but the stuff has never been released. There are said to be 100's if not 1,000's of Abu-Ghraib like facility's ran by ISRAEL/USA (CIA/MOSSAD/ISIS ) all over MENA.

I think that's why current ADMIN has come down hard on WIKI, the stuff is out there eventually it will hit the NET, and then these KIDS will be identified.


[–] ivankaJewCock 13 points -13 points (+0|-13) ago 

The 23 year old professor is highly questionable, at best if this is real, the PROF most likely held a Master in Philosophy, and worked as PROF part time at a community college for the disabled, 4CHAN is reporting he was fired, having been doxxed and massive call's to the college demanding termination.

Interesting, there doesn't seem to be any public record of the criminal-complaint filed, I really would think by this time if this were real, I mean its all real except that the assault could have been a 'Boston Marathon" type fake-assault, lots of BLOOD, but later the 'victim' can be seen laughing with no visible wound.

I know for a fact if I hit someone on the side of the head with a "U-BIKE LOCK" that person would be UN-concious and in three days have a massive concussion from brain-swelling, would require immediate MRI in for a head injury, we're talking AMBULANCE ASAP,

Having watched the videos, you can see the "MEDICS" ( same triage team as boston ) treating his head like a WW1 army head-wound, but then later his bandages are removed.

IMHO the reason there is no PUBLIC CRIMINAL COMPLAINT is because this entire shit show was orchestrated.

"The OathsKeepers" Brought in these Pamela Geller 'bikers', and TRIAGE MEDICS, and note the OATHKEEPERS like PAMELA-GELLER is just another fucking "Controlled Opposition" Team-JOO mind fuck for GOYIM, e.g. BAN GUNS and disarm the GOYIM so they can be trained to become prostitutes for elite joos.


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hi antifa

it's spelled jew