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They Don’t Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do.


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"They didn't Think it Be like it is"

Berkeley COPS involved - check

School support - check

Faux Bikers with Pamela Geller brought in for circus - check

The anti-fa were fighting on their own turf, and all the players were in place. The problem of course is witnesses, and everybody streaming mostly live with periscope,...

Once the raw video hit 4chan, but sheer numbers of people the players with masks were un-masked. These GOV op's didn't expect it this way, its a lot like if the public had been invited to view "Sandy Hook", then the outcome would have been much different.

The battle of Berkeley was a "Made for TV Show", and made to get the right-wing all riled up, these ANTI-FA SOROS gimps never figured on getting identified.

SOLUTION? Ban all cell phones at public events, its the only solution :)


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PantieFa or InfantiFa.


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y we want them idenyified




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Yeah it's amazing what you can learn when you don't waste your life majoring in goddamn gender studies and yelling at people about diversity. God, it's like having a functional brain makes you the f#cking boogeyman to these people. Credit where credit is due to /pol/. Time and time again, they impress me with their ability to achieve what I would consider extremely complex tasks in a matter of hours or days.

What the majority of college students do not understand; what Antifa does not understand; what the entire leftist base does not understand; is that they are not dealing with idiots. Take a look around a place like voat or /pol/, or go to Berkeley as of late and talk to based stickman and his crew or anyone else who stood up to these hooded degenerates. What you see are people who can THINK FOR THEIR GODDAMNED SELVES. They don't need Fox News telling them what to do. They don't need to have the truth sugarcoated because they can't deal with the results. They accept that the world is never going to be exactly how they want it and they don't spend all their time throwing tantrums because they don't get everything they want.

What the left absolutely cannot do is accept the fact that there are smart people who think differently than them. Why would they when it's so much easier to paint them as a redneck racist hick? That's why you see leftist college kids completely break down when a black trump supporter calls them out. You continue to underestimate the right. It's why you lost the 2016 presidency along with the house, the senate, the supreme court, and a large number of governorships. It's why these assassin's creed wannabes are so surprised when they find out they're not as anonymous as they think they are. And it's why MSM outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and TYT are seen as a collective joke while 3rd party conservative channels like Mark Dice and Infowars continue to gain listeners.

So go ahead, keep underestimating the right. Keep calling them racists, bigots, homophobes, islamophobes, uncle toms, white trash, nazis, fascists, white supremacists, warmongers, trumpkins, etc., etc., et-motherf#cking-cetera. Because that's all you've got left - name calling. You don't have facts; you don't have morals; you don't even have a set of core principles or beliefs anymore. You're just a scattered group of edgy hipsters who are only interested in showing off how diverse you are to your f#cking facebook friends.

One last thing; it's interesting that the moron wannabe anarchist in the reddit post is worried about his privacy being invaded. I can guarantee you he/she nor anyone else of his/her ilk gives a shit that groups like facebook invade their privacy on a daily basis. Maybe if you had 2 brain cells to actually form a functioning synapse, you'd be able to realize now why people like Rand Paul are so against that bulk data collection shit.

TL;DR leftists continue to underestimate the right and continue to pay the consequences. Stop acting like everyone who doesn't think like you is a racist moron. Keep dicking around and you'll keep losing.


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I'm honestly baffled that grown adults thought that they could just scamper around bashing people's skulls in and are now horrified that there's adverse consequences.

I'd be OK with funding a research program that interviewed their parents so we could try to figure out how they failed so badly to instill even a small measure of reason, common sense and basic humanity in these nutters.


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Separation from reality and infantilization. It's mainly the culture we live in and the general degeneracy and decadence. Even the 'Nazis' of today look like comic book nerds compared to the right-wingers of the past... just less pozzed than the left.

The feigning victimhood thing might actually be some mental illness. I don't think our society is natural. We need to let nature take care of some of these people. I'm with them to a degree (I'm a millenials So faggot compared to my forefathers), but these snowflakes make even me look like a uber mensch.



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By staying away and sitting in their cars, the Berkely police made it possible for the right to finally fight back. Maybe the police have been an impediment all along and these protest fools would have gone away a long time ago if events had have been left alone to follow their own course.


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Proven already that the MAYOR is BAMN(ANTIFA), the cops were told to stand-down, just like San Jose.

Besides, the cops are smart enough, when they see bikers ( lard ass guys wearing USA flags ) on one team, and the other team lesbian wackos and stoners a COP knows to get a beer & pop-corn and enjoy the show, the cops job is to mop up the blood and take reports after the carnage, why would the fucking cops step in? Just like ferguson let these NEO-CON JOO WATER BOYS make fools of themselves in front of cameras for the GOOGLE owned YOUTUBE (NSA)


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Trustfund faggots LARPing as communist revolutionaries don't get to indiscriminately swing bike locks, hurl bombs, and initiate violence without repercussions because muh feelings?!? OH NO!!!


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No way those were m-80's though. Probably just silver salutes.


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The front group getting funding is an ominous sign of who's who in liberal activism. They need more exposure as well for their anarchist behavior.


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U mean SOROS? Why not just say who you think finances BAMN ( By All Means Necessary )

The thing with this PT Barnum circus is on the left you have BAMN leading 'ANTIFA' (pseudo left), and on the right you have OathKeepers leading 'Fascist' ( pseudo right ), all these players are JOO fronts left&right, Israel has their LEFT & RIGHT, and they fight their battles for POWER in the USA. Go figure why the JOOS don't shit in their own country?

The the USA is just a PROXY for LEFT/RIGHT Joo battles.


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Good. If you hit someone over the head with a bike lock you deserve to get punished. I hope that asshole goes to jail and gets to meet some real Nazis.

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Yvette Felarca

She's particularly obnoxious, I agree. Little cunt directing violent actions from behind a safe wall of muscle, but still wanting to be in the thick of it.

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