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Always amazes me seeing people talk openly about bringing back communism, while calling everyone they disagree with a Nazi. The nazi's were never even close to as terrible as the fucking commies.

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They're not even very different. With both you end up with a totalitarian regime based on collectivism that will kill you if you disobey. It's like arguing over the type of wood splinter you want shoved under your fingernail, pine or oak.

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Hitler ended people's access to loans, claimed ownership of the products of production, established a mass welfare state, and was installed politically by bolshevik like thugs that were even left of him.

If hitler were labeled left from the beginning a few people would complain citing one or two differences that make him not left. With him being labeled right we can do the same. Your right-left label is just whatever they tack on first.

He was a marxist on every front except state ownership of means of production. Communism claims ownership of the means of production and thereby indirectly ownership of the individual. Nazism claims ownership of the individual (yes) and thereby indirectly the means of production. Finding the difference between Nazism and Marxism is actually really fucking hard.

Name one thing historically that happened differently in Nazi Germany vs Soviet Russia that exemplifies a difference between right and left.

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The Nazis were collectivist? I don't remember that.

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I like it. Its like the Anti Vaccine people. There are so far removed for the horrors of what it brings that they think it is a good idea. I think its a mix of ignorance and shelter from seeing realities that people worked very hard to correct or alter. Only a fool would consider attempting communism or a return to living without protecting their young from disease.

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This offends the DNC.

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Good, Good!

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Jews proliferated communism so . . . . . .

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It's been time for a good while

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Where's Pinochet when you need him?

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We need to wait for them to shoot first, and seeing how quickly they made punching us acceptable, I'd say it's only a matter of time.

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Trying to date that picture. It's from 1959 or after because of the 50-star flags, and obviously isn't the '70s based on the cars.

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it's always that time, comrade

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