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Chemical weapons

Tear gas.

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CS/CN gas 100's of LB of flamable gas used on branch-davidians at waco, banned by UN convention, and not one fuck liberal said shit when 100 children were burned to death by janet reno, bill clinton, and hillary 'bitch' clinton.

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That government sanctioned slaughter was my first red pill. I've had my tinfoil hat on ever since.

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Can you give me a source or some info to read? I dont think ive ever heard of this and would like to learn more.

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CS is allowed under the convention (not that I agree with it). Use the search engine of your choice to find the Geneva convention online and feel free to review.


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I am still a firm believer that Janet Reno was the country's first transgender Cabinet member. That aside, she was a horrible Attorney General. But I cannot think of any Clinton appointees who weren't horrible. I guess maybe Ron Brown didn't do too much damage?

Remember Warren Christopher? Not only did he look like the bad guy ghost from Poltergeist 2, he had the pulse of a corpse and was essentially a complete non-entity in international affairs. I suppose he was better than Madeleine Albright, though. She was affirmatively harmful, much like John Kerry.

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The media is silent because Venezuela was supposed to be their latest communist "success story." When chavismo predictably started failing, the left stopped talking about them altogether and moved on to shoving Sweden down our throats instead.

The US hasn't responded militarily because the situation isn't the same. We aren't at war with Venezuela like we are in the Middle East. When a Middle Eastern dictator uses chemical weapons, it poses a direct threat to American lives because we have troops on the ground. Thus, it warrants a response from the US. When Maduro does it, it's still reprehensible but it isn't a danger to our troops. Launching airstrikes on Venezuela would be a textbook example of the exact kind of interventionism that everyone complains about.

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What planet are you from? Here on Earth the MSM trashes Venezuela every chance they get.

And the "chemical weapon" in question is tear gas.

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What planet are you from? Here on Earth the MSM trashes Venezuela every chance they get.

LOL, good one. The MSM can't even bring themselves to write anything negative about Venezuela without giving equal credence to Chavez and Maduro's conspiracy theories about foreign sabotage. Their "criticisms" of Venezuela read like a eulogy for a fallen friend, not a factual account of how a corrupt dictatorial regime is ruining the lives of its subjects. And that's on the rare occasion when they have to write about Venezuela because ignoring it would make their bias even more obvious than it already is.

And the "chemical weapon" in question is tear gas.

Good to know. That makes the comparison to Syria even more ridiculous.

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The only threat they care about is any threat to the dollar's supremacy as the reserve currency

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I'm married to a Venezuelan, lots of family there.

They regularly ask "why isn't the US helping us?!" My answer is always "really? We helped in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Is that really what you what?"

We have no systems for helping a country in this type of situation.

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Fuck this Posobiec guy for putting me in a position where I have to defend a trainwreck like Venezuela. That looks like tear gas or some equivalent, not Sarin. Yeah, the huge angry mob is justified, but crowd dispersal doesn't care about politics. Bunch of zero context pictures of people fleeing down alleys from the repellent? Deal with it, we get worse when our team loses the playoffs. Maybe keep your little kids at home rather than having them anywhere near a crowd on the edge of rioting? How stupid do you have to be to endanger your children in that way?

And who in their right mind would want any kind of American military intervention after seeing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria? Maybe this time it wouldn't be a fuckton of bombs followed by a power vacuum, but do you REALLY want to roll those dice? Hell, the whole country could be on fire, I'd still be like "Hey! We can put out a fire. At least there's no depleted uranium in play."

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I just find it hard to feel sympathy for them when they all lined up to vote for socialism in the 90s. You reap what you sow.

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There's an entire generation that was BORN in the 90s that are fully grown adults. Did they vote for this too? That whole "you get what you deserve" mentality is an easy way to justify when bad things go wrong for other people and you don't want to help them. Saying, "Sorry, it's out of my control" doesn't actually make it so. It's really old school/original sin kind of thinking.

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There's an entire generation that was BORN in the 90s that are fully grown adults. Did they vote for this too?

Sure. If they are fully grown adults, since they've probably been through at least one elction, and they didn't vote to change the system, so their acquiescence equates to their approval.

Like @curomo said, "We 'helped' in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Is that really what you what? We have no systems for helping a country in this type of situation." If we go in and 'help', Washington is going to want something to make it worth their while, whether that be favorable trade deals, regulatory favoritism, or a reduction in export taxes or some other favorable treatment. And then the masochistic altruists would just denounce the help as "exploitation". Remember, we're trillions of dollars into debt, as it is...we simply can't afford to be the world's Savior anymore.

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Fair enough. But I still feel that way, just as I feel like those of us here in the US who are counting on SSI payments for retirement are in for an awakening. It's obvious, with a little research that you are being sold a bill of goods, don't expect me to be sympathetic when it fails. I'm actually trying to prepare for the failure, not living in a pretend world where govt runs on pixie dust and fairy magic.

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They voted for Maduro recently. Only after oil prices fell did they stop liking socialism. Problem is they now are trying to vote him out and he gave them the finger.

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Yeah, one cop in Paris dies and everyone gets up in arms. Millions (the population of the state of Texas) march against a dictatorship and it's silence on all the airwaves (not just MSM). It's such a double standard for Western/Eurocentrism that we're not even reporting on something happening practically next door.

New World > Old World. Why can't we act like it and get the OAS together, guys?

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The US and Mexico are working to get the OAS to do something. But for some reason nobody wants to enrage the cubans.

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I really doubt anywhere near that many people were marching. The entire population of Venezuela is only around 10%-15% larger than that of Texas. If that happened the Army would switch sides and shoot tear gas into the Presidential Palace not into the crowds.

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just another Socialist success story! Why would we need to intervene, after all, 1/4 of the damn country wanted to bring this to our government.

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This would be California 24 months after seceding.

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It's good when Venezuela does it, because they're communist.

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