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can they arrest Hillary for leaking classified documents to her maid?

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Trump appointed SESSIONS,

Sessions promised from day-one to murder Assange

Why R the alt-tards surprised that TRUMP doesn't give a fuck? The goyim served his task, and now he must die for Israel

Trump put the right-wing killers in charge of his cabinet, 100% neo-con asshole Israeli's

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Trump is a puppet to israel. Like it or not.

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DHS wall? Trump's Wall? Really?

Then why did Jared Kushner Father create DHS? Why did Mafia Boss Kunshner engineer 911, on the behalf of Israel/Saudi?

Now Mexico will build the wall, USA fiat will finance, but Israel Mafia Construction companys own the Mexican company's that get the contract, all the money from the USA fiat flows back to the Kushner family's in Israel.


Julian bullshit is just to keep the alt-tards off the fact that Trumps wall is really Israel's Wall.

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Mattis & Netanyahu both agree that "Make Israel Great Again" is Trump #1 priority.

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Are they saying Assange either stole the info or got someone else to do it? If not, then they have nothing to stand on. If someone steals government info and gives it to you and you publish it, they are guilty of a crime but you aren't. If you ask or encourage them to steal it then you are both guilty. Lacking either of those there is nothing here. Look up Bartnicki v. Vopper, Boehner vs. McDermott, and Peavy v. WFAA-TV Inc.

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What about the precedent of "Freedom of the Press vs. Fuck You, We'll Do What We Want"?

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Thank you so much for the resources!

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If they do this (baring he's not dead) then this will be Pandora's box.

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so about 15 minutes after hillary is arrested?

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Are Woodward and Bernstein still alive?

According to Wikipedia they are. Good hunting, Feds.

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That's a good point, pretty much every publication cites anonymous informants from the FBI or CIA etc.

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They that have secrets fear him.
They that fear, lash out and destroy what they fear.
WIKILEAKS should do a secrets dump every Friday night around 6pm eastern time. If there is this much fear on the 1% of vault 7 can you imagine what their holding in vault #1...inquiring minds want to know.

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More importantly, when will they stand up for a fellow journalist? If they allow this to happen, perhaps at the behest of their bosses, then the journalists that remained silent are setting the standard--and could be next.

On the otherhand, for the journalists who DO stand up for assange? You'd be the exception, and would stand out, potentially making a career-changing move and elevating yourself above the fray.

All you journalists out there, the ones that might read this, theres more danger in allowing this to happen than in speaking up because, believe me, theres more opportunity in speaking up than risk.

Don't wait to long though. You should start working with the other journalists around you who are already onboard but too afraid to speak out, journalists who are looking for a leader to idolize, someone who sets the stage and an example for them to rally behind.

In fact, it looks like a lot of journalists are already jumping on the bandwagon of speaking out. Don't risk losing your one and only opportunity to stand out just because you waited too long when many of your colleagues are already to do the same. Are you gonna lead or are you gonna miss out like every other opportunity--miss out on another chance to advance your career? Do you honestly want to be another 'shephard smith' or 'bill oreilly', washed up and out of touch? Because when the whistleblower fad is in full swing, and you didn't take this opportunity when you had a chance, you're gonna be back of the press room, unable to get a question in while your boss is telling you that "your resume looks a little dusty and maybe you should think about a new career."

Don't miss your chance, because the journalists that survive the on going cutbacks are the ones that always stay relevant. Are you gonna stand up for your fellow journalist and protect yourself, as well as your career, and the careers of all your colleagues, or are you gonna find yourself 12 months from now job searching in metro DC going to interviews and never getting called back because "we decided to go a different direction"? Think about it. Discuss it among your cohosts and partners. Ask them what they think. Take action and protect yourself now.

Anyone feel free to copy and steal this post in whole or in part to send to journalists everywhere.

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