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The most dangerous place to be in a city, is where hundreds of blacks are holding an anti-violence rally. It happens everytime.

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The Mayor & Police Chief held the rally for white TV audience.

Seriously do you think a single gang-banger in the hood was watching? Caring, or listening?

Much of this is about turf, drug sales and income. Nobody going to drop the guard, and if some gang in town were to stash their gun's for a few days of 'truce' another gang would take advantage of their weakness.

The urban drug sewer that CIA/MOSSAD have created after 50+ years of flooding poor urban/rural America with drugs is not a reversible process.

For the past 40+ years all urban black youth grow up wanting to be a basketball star, by 12 years of age, they know it ain't going happen, by 14 years they note, there are two options:

1.) Deal Drugs and get laid, and live a pretty good life.

2.) Work at mickyD and maybe someday you be an assistant-mgr, ...

The smartest of the bunch, always take option #1, and this is why the violence never ends, because like the Batman movie, there very few top slots, and they can only be had by murder.

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The CIA and Mossad didn't turn black ghettos into cesspools, blacks did it themselves. Haiti, South Africa, and Zimbabwe were prosperous when they were ruled by the whites. Do you think they are shitholes is because of the CIA and Mossad?

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"Night of Hope"

Did they pray for niggers to stop behaving like niggers... and then blame whitey for their fucked-up crime culture?

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What if I told you the people who had the "night of hope" gathering were probably not the same people going around shooting other people?

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Sssshhhhhh.... don't disrupt the circlejerk!

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It's almost like virtue signaling and crying over things accomplishes nothing.

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The only pills blacks and hispanics take are lead ones.

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Nigger needs some range time, only killed one? They even fuck up a decent killing.

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They aren't about to assimilate and try for something else when being black is more important than being American. The mainstream media hollywood can't find enough ways to reinforce that belief in young blacks. Oooh you so cool when you poppin'a cap in someone's ass. Die and entertain us more Shekels are to be made from selling that.

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