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There are rumors that he's been arrested and returned to the US, however the entire event is being kept secret so the FBI can present his case in court without fear of a mistrial due to media coverage.

Yeah, I don't believe that either, but that's what some people are claiming.

It was interesting that he announced that he is ready to take the stage again in the fight against President Trump... and then two days later only he fled the country... with his man-wife and their nigglets following shortly after.

I get the impression the Dems rigged the election so thoroughly that they never expected to lose... and when they did... Loretta Lynch wasn't there to ignore their crime spree.

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Shit, source on this? My dad is currently losing his mind lmao

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"Rumors," by their nature, are tricky things to source.

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i read that he was staying on a supporters yacht.

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Kidding me, this is a masturbation fantasy.

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There are rumors that he's been arrested and returned to the US, however the entire event is being kept secret so the FBI can present his case in court without fear of a mistrial due to media coverage. And these rumors are covered by whom/who?

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You've gotta put two spaces before pressing Enter to get a line return.

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If he had been areested and brought back, how long can the bureau hold him before he goes to trial?

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It seems highly irregular to me that Obama reportedly bought a house in DC, then when all the Susan Rice news broke, and it was apparent that the Obama administration was using the full force of the intelligence community to spy on political opponents, he takes off to a Country without an extradition treaty with the U.S.

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I think the writing is on the wall. 'Vacationing' on David Geffen's yacht with Oprah, Springsteen and Hanks while events you perfectly articulated are transpiring is straight out of the Bizzarro World. There is something enormous looming.

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That Mombasa born fucker is definitely hiding out.

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Amusingly, the actions he took while acting as Traitor in Chief will allow the US Government enough reach to get him ANYWHERE.

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Almost anywhere. If he asks nicely, maybe he can share the room with Assange.

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I think specifically he was referring to extrajudicial killings of American citizens via drone strike.

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Despite my opinion that sitcoms are the lowest form of entertainment.... this is one I would watch.

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Hehehehehehehe, Thanks Obama!

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"Two words, predator drones." Obummer set a precedent that could allow him to be assassinated without charges abroad. If he did use the CIA to support ISIS its open and shut. Hellfire the yacht. Sorry Mr. Hanks you shouldn't be associating with known terrorist supporters.

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Fuck extradition treaties, for high crimes such as these, send in a covert extraction unit.

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Him fleeing the country due to a pending arrest of some sort seems like fake news to me. But it's extremely hard to decipher what's going on exactly, and Obama's twitter being silent for a month now is strange.

I'd love some actual evidence that Obama fled the country, it would make my day, but I'm not getting my hopes up until evidence appears.

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Well, he apparently is going or is currently in Germany. Whether it's ''escaping'' or ''visiting'' is a different matter. For as shallow and low-level Obama's politics were, Trump has made the political game real and true: this shit is great fun.

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if he is with merkel, then he is plotting. soros is directing them... this can't be good.

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Dude, why else would he go to Fiji without his wife and kids? Lol

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Whoa dude, why did you take the handle of my band?

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There are pictures of him fleeing

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Unless he was hauling ass and pushing people out of the way to get on the plane how exactly do you discern between "feeling" and "boarding"?

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he suppose to be working on his next literary masterpiece. he needs his space.

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Falsifying Birth Certificates and Defrauding an Entire Nation for Eight Full Years For Dummies, by B.H. Obama - In Stores Now!!

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He fled right after he realized that under his administration, spying and murder was legalized for top officials in government.

...sucks to be a democrat these days.

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Well if he wasn't a Muslim he would know

You reap what you sow

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Are we sure that photo is from the same place? It's so tightly cropped.

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Not to mention it looks different from every other photo in the gallery. Also didnt USA Today conveniently misrepresent the size of the Hiroshima nuke recently by listing it as 15 tons instead of kilotons when comparing it to the MOAB. Im calling fake news

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All the way down at the bottom I find some truth. Why are my upvotes not showing up?

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Good stay away. We don't want you here... go to Africa and live with all your brothers and sisters

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Actually, Malik Obama lives in Virginia, and he is one based as fuck dude.

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It would be a shame if something happened to him where we couldn't protect him.

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