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Obama tried to influence the UK referendum against Brexit too... he actually made a special trip to Britain in an attempt to nigger that up. (source)

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We thank him for that, because it just made more people vote Leave.

We really, really hate that fucker over here.

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Pretty sure Obama trying to browbeat people into voting remain is the reason Brexit passed the 50% threshold. I've personally spoken to enough people who said "fuck that, we don't need a failed American Democrat telling us what to do" to feel confident in that reality.

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Exactly why I want Macron to lose no matter what. The globalists and establishments want him to be president WAY too much. I think they're getting desperate after Brexit and Trump, and now that Le Pen is actually a threat democratically.

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Obama and the MSM believe all their own self generated hype when, in fact, the are both CANCER.

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Except in Obama's case, it's true

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Apart from getting himself elected has he ever successfully involved himself in any other election? It seems like he is more the kiss of death.

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That nigger is a world wide problem. FYI he's not on US soil so......

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Fuck obummer.. His voting manipulation ability will never come close to the 1337 hacking skills of Putin and his cyborg pet bear.. I mean look at the shitty MS-paint job obama did on his fake-ass birth certificate..

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