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To the top with this!


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You faggot, didn't even upgoat him.

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I was wondering if he was ok. That Professor asshole is lucky he didn't kill him.

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I see Putin sent his little brother.

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Just gotta say, it would be pretty ironic if /pol/ can find a masked attacker, but can't find the guy he attacked.

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That's attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

This cunt is finished.

Great Job 4chan.

Fuck you, FBI and all fuck the ZOG IC.

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We are living in an interesting timeline where 4chan is serving justice rather than police, FBI, and CIA.

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The police are not only redundant at this point but also irrelevant. It's a strong message to the Zionists, their little rag tag group of snowflakes cannot cut it. Sure they have a capacity for violence but they are incompetent cowards. In order to succeed they need halfway intelligent brave men, but the paradox is that any halfway intelligent brave men would not join Antifa. This incident represents a much bigger picture. Probably why the police were ordered to stand down, to test the waters of a raw conflict which may or may not emerge one day.

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I bet if we probe this, we will find the entire faculty are directing ANTIFA and they use students as foot soldiers.

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Is it me, or is every antifa faggot getting doxxed a collage "professor"?

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They're adjuncts, make like 20-30k per year. Frustrated academic wannabe's

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Yeah, didn't that one undercover video have a couple in their 50s or so directing these antiquuefa foot bitches? They looked like faculty to me (speculation on my part here admittedly)

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Yes, they were radicals from some eco movement in the 70s or some shit

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Joey Salads shot that video, undercover on the antiFA side.

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Is there any contact with the victim so this info can get to him? I know I'd want this fucker skewered.

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I just saw this further down: https://voat.co/v/politics/1806514/8843978

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Oh, nice. Thanks.

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O god, the law suits. Based Pepsi Merchant is gonna be rich.

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Fucking Coward. He already deleted his twitter.

Needs a nice bike lock circle beating.

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We need a Gofundme page to get the victim the best personal injury atty out there. The victim likely has medical bills and may even need long term care. This is great, we need to make sure rioters that destroy property and hurt innocent people face the legal system.

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WeSearchr is much better for this purpose: https://www.wesearchr.com/discover

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He posted in a bio that his work centers on "Ethics and Political Philosophy "


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Assault? You mean attempted murder...

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