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Trumps red line, he boxed himself in a corner. He chose war, not diplomacy. Millions will die at his small hands.


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Meanwhile, the provocative actions of NK fat boy have increased steadily, indicating the strategy of NOTHING over the last 8 years has created this dangerous climate. There is NO NEGOTIATING WITH NORTH KOREA. So... do you have a solution ?

You have all day to answer.


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A bit over dramatic considering nothing has happened with NK but sabre rattling so far.


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What does NK want? You mentioned diplomacy but it's a give and take method.

NK talks shit all the time, libs missiles at Japan and gets pissed the US and SK take part in war games. They are like a barking g dog but now with nuclear capabilities. China doesn't really want them except that they enjoy how NK fucks with the west but China is playing g a game of taking over international waters so NK is gonna fuck up their game.

Fatty Kim is pushing the limits and buttons and it's about time the doggie gets sent to the dog house.

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Why, the US ha thousands of troops in Japan and South Korea