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Orthodox Jew, yuge difference from atheistic globalist Jews like Soros and the Rothschild family. They're the ones that originally asked baron rothschild to fuck off and let Israel grow by itself and instead he told them it was his colony and he could do what he wants with it.

You're being manipulated by another divisive tactic shareblue is using. Richard Spencer has shills too trying to separate trump from his base.

Orthodox are nationalists. They care about Israel existing and following their religon. They're not out for global control like atheistic Jews are

Neither are as good as whites but it's a quasi civil war between actual religious jews and the globalist Jews who are either atheist or luciferian

All media is controllled by the latter

Ivanka is not an ethnic Jew, she can claim she's Orthodox Jew lol she wants but it makes no difference. The children's mother is not an ethnic Jew so they aren't either. As far as the globalist Jews are concerned kushner married outside the tribe and his family line is goyim once he dies.

We should honestly be fighting back and shilling hard to further grow the divide between nonreligous globalists and nationalist orthodox. Instead we sit here with our thumbs up our asses while shills run rampant