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It's a shareblue tactic. Also Richard spencer has shills of his own that were figured and that faggot is the definition of controlled opposition.

The shills are attempting to divide us by portraying trump as a neo con and blah blah blah

The man knows what he's doing

You faggots call yourselves nationalists but turn coat as soon as your leader tries a geopolitical strong arm tactic that is in the best interest of the American people since the perceived strength of our leader affects every negotiation with foreign nations in every aspect.

You pretend like all is lost during the opening salvos of legislative talks and deals with a man that is known as a master negotiator.

I honestly think some of y'all wish he actually were a putin puppet.

You're being manipulated by a mass shilling campaign. Are you people really fickle enough to turn so quickly after two years and all This hard work, do you all of a sudden believe media narratives.