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Did anybody really think they were choosing a leader? They're both puppets and whoever got in would have the same hand up their arse making the real decisions for them.


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yes, it's probably hard for trump 'supporters' to see this yet but

a) foreign police is same as war-mongers and war criminals obama + clinton. rex tillerson says 'assad must go'.

b) the new health care bill supported by trump and paul ryan and was obamacare 2.0

c) trump is surrounding himself with neocons and war mongers like h.r. mcmaster who gave us the iraq war which just turned out great

d) promoting jew kushner to top position and jew kushner will bring 'peace' to the middle east lmao

e) his stance on israel

f) going against the freedom caucus.

everything happening spells trouble. trump is doubling down and saying there's going to be further strikes on syria. russia and iran threaten with force if there's another us aggression against syria. trump was always their puppet. just like hillary. there's no winning here.

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That hand is Israel. Always the Jews


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NWO dictates who's in position and NOT the people. This is all fun and games. The masses are manipulated to thinking we have a saviour. In reality there are only a handful good politicians who are for the people with moral and ethical values. The rest is just show and tell. I can't even believe people in T_D promote Alex Jones and his website "infowars". This fat cunt is a paid shill who has affiliations with STRATFOR (CIA). The whole point of this infowar is to disinformation the mass with 80% truth 20% cover up. Notice infowars never mention anything about Israel or anything relating to "Jews". People figure out Alex Jones wife and Ivanka Husband and ask yourself are they really legit?


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Did anybody really think they were choosing a leader?



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Come on! Your account is 1.3 years old! You should know perfectly well that Voat has been a sucking-Trump's-dick contest for over a year. Most of Voat thought they were electing a leader!


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Agreed, I've said all along it really didn't matter who people voted for, they were both terrible options but no-one thinks they can vote for a third party. People got what they deserve by continuing to think the US is any way a democracy (technically it never was, it is a representative republic which is a little different) when the only way to make a real change is to vote for anything other than the two big parties because neither of them will change anything as they're both under the control of the same hidden puppet masters (aka the deepest pockets)