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McMaster PHD was on "How We Could Have Won Vietnam War" - Guess what It involves KILLING every single person in Vietnam North&South, Failure of USA to 100% Murder Everyone is HOW McMasters See's our loss of war, now guess what?? McMasters is in charge of Syria ., and North-Korea Genocide.

Read some Smedly Butler, the JOB of USA-MIL, is to steal kill and blunder for the CORPORATION, and this is NOT new, this is as old as 1776 "Shores of Tripoli, Hail U Marine Corp"

McMaster was CLEARLY put in power for a reason, I beg all here to take the time to read his PHD paper, his thesis was why the USA lost Vietnam, and as you know the reason is/was we FAILED to kill every living person in Vietnam NORTH&SOUTH, make NO MISTAKE if McMasters brings USA troops to SYRIA(MENA) then you will see MILLIONS of deaths on both side.


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Look at all those caps, guise! He must know what he's talking about!


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Did U read his PHD thesis? Did U go to the wiki read his BIO? If not fuck off.


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reminds me of the Man Academy stuff "DESTROYING KEYBOARD WARRIORS!!"

I do miss the early days of Voat haha