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Mcmaster is shilling for the fucking pipeline and forcing everysingle citizen to be controlled by oil company piggery. Who owns the world? Halliburton oil is NOT the correct answer. A few more of your shilly types bullshitting your way through the internet on their behalf and maybe the Kochs and the Halliburtans will be the subject of the real revolt because that is where both sides meet in middle.

Oh and fuck off you little shit, you alteady parroted that schmutzy line word for word here.


[–] ExxonTillerson 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago 

McMaster is a soldiers-soldier, perhaps a gamer-pussy, working for hasbara for $1/day in India like yourself doesn't read a resume, or never served in the MIL, and has no insight.

Read some Smedly Butler, the JOB of USA-MIL, is to steal kill and blunder for the CORPORATION, and this is NOT new, this is as old as 1776 "Shores of Tripoli, Hail U Marine Corp"

McMaster was CLEARLY put in power for a reason, I beg all here to take the time to read his PHD paper, his thesis was why the USA lost Vietnam, and as you know the reason is/was we FAILED to kill every living person in Vietnam NORTH&SOUTH, make NO MISTAKE if McMasters brings USA troops to SYRIA(MENA) then you will see MILLIONS of deaths on both side.


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Smedly wrote war is a racket as an anti-war piece, so McMaster if he is calling for war is not exactly an anti-war guy like Butler.


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You are really, really awful.