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President Trump seems to have sorted this problem out efficiently.

Russia doesn't seem too perturbed, President Trump negotiated with Assad beforehand, there were minimal casualties, the world got a clear message "Don't fuck with us! Our President is kinda crazy!" and it was made clear to China that we'd solve their North Korea problem for them, if they don't... and they may not like our solution.

There has been heaps of speculation and every shill and cuck has been screaming that the sky is falling and it's WW3, but everything is groovy from my perspective.

ISIS has is already well aware of the score.

Assad now knows the score.

China now knows the score.

The world now knows the score.

President Trump may have cleaned Assad's clock, a Muslim known for testing US presidents... and leveraged China into solving the North Korea problem themselves... and strengthened President Trump's military negotiation stance with the rest of the world after 8 years of Obama impotency... and all it took were 50 missiles and a handful of Syrian Muslim casualties.

As far as I'm concerned, this has been the definition of: America First!


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You are more confident than I am. This is a very dangerous game.