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I can hardly tell who's jewing who anymore.


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We are all getting Jewed...


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It's pretty interesting shit, man. Love this new season - this "politics" show was getting fucking predictable.


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All is just a bitch-slap from Israel, that's ALL the cunt's got, that's why Jared Kushner & Zuckerberg are their poster boys for Israel ruling the world, its all man-twats;

Israel flew into Syria, just far enough to get shot-down, and the pilot was able to land in Jordan, we have now had THREE false-flags in a few weeks.

1.) Israel fly's into syria, and shot down

2.) Israel plants poison-gas factory in their ISIS depot, and has syria bomb their depot

3.) Israel has the USA bomb un-used desert base near Hom to show that they're serious.

All this makes me think that some day, somebody with ball's is going to knock Kushner & Zuckerberg in the pussy, and they're going to crawl back to Netanyahu crying.

Assad dropping a bomb on his own country, on a target that is ISIS ( Israel Security Intelligence Services );

Now ISIS had a chemical depot, and after Syria shot down an Israel fighter jet near the Jordan border, in retaliation ISRAEL fed the bogus target data ( ISIS Munitions Depot ) to Syrian Gov, and Syrian Gov followed up by bombing the target, to which then Trump under Israel supervision ( Dual-Citizen Mossad agent Jared Kushner ) Trump drops fake-bombs in Syrian desert after warning Russians a full day before.

Now what does intelligent people make of this klusterfuck?

Simply that ISRAEL is desperate to get this pipeline finished, they know the US-DOLLAR will die soon, and then they will have no access to hard-cash, so they want to STEAL the Iraq OIL and sell it to EUROPE this is their backup plan for USA collapse.


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I'm hijacking the top comment:

@naseatshit - Member for 4 hours addressing the sub as GOATS


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Joke's on them, Jews don't care about each other when there is power on the line.


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What an empty threat, scud missles would never hit israel. They have the iron dome defense system.


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"GOATS", in SHEEP's clothing are popping up all over the fucking place lately...

shadow332 4 points (+4|-0) 1 hour ago

I'm hijacking the top comment:

@naseatshit - Member for 4 hours addressing the sub as GOATS>

@shadow332 member for 2 months...?

ShineShooter 38 points (+38|-0) 4 hours ago I can hardly tell who's jewing who anymore.

Fuck I cant anymore either @ShineShooter!!! I'm going to bed to wait for the dust to settle....


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fuck off faggot