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Sorry, but I gotta downvote this unreasonable sentiment. What source would you even accept? CNN? This is a low effort comment that helps nobody.

I feel really bad about the fact that we live in a post-fact era and you can't cite sources anymore.

When you know that literally every single source is lying and real information is classified or protected by secret court orders the only information that's real is the information that makes sense given the motives, the circumstantial evidence, the actors involved, the movement of money and people, and the few little pieces of information we CAN all agree on.

Seth Rich wasn't robbed. He wasn't a gangster. He wasn't in an accident. He was intentionally shot multiple times in the back while walking home from his job at the DNC immediately after a leak of DNC emails which cost Hillary the election. It was done quickly in an area without any cameras pointing at it. What little investigation was done has yielded zero public information. Every article on the subject is partisan propaganda. I could probably find 5 sources that say it was a Russian hit job...would you believe that over OP?

What OP posted is the only story that makes sense, I can't even begin to fathom any other reason this kid would have been murdered like that.


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Obviously the DNC headquarters is in a gun happy neighborhood. We need to take away everyone's guns, especially within 2 miles of the DNC headquarters. Except for the DNC's guns though. They don't wanna risk a benghazi on themselves