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Goldman-Sachs paid Hillary Clinton nearly a million dollars for 3 speeches! That's how bribery works in the West...speaking engagements, book deals (NWO fronts buy up all the copies), borrowing luxury jets, staying as guests in private villas, creating "charitable" foundations, etc.. In order to compete, organizations like 'RT' have to pony up the cash in order to get these Western crooks to speak to them.

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If he had received money from BBC, a foreign government-owned entity nobody would be mad. So what RT gets money and contracts from the Russian Govt. Lockheed Martin gets the same from our government but when they give money to politicians nobody says that our politicians are taking money directly from the government. It's symmetric in every way. Saudi Arabia gave money to Bill Clinton's wife directly and not some company that happens to take government contracts.

Also he wasn't currently awaiting an office. He was contracting with various people the way most former government employees do towards the end of their career. Bill's wife took money directly from a government while in bid for office.

Let's forbid that we ever get along with the Russians. Perpetual nuclear threat must be maintained for the DOD's job to be so important to justify the over-expense they get on out-bound contracts.

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Russia also paid American hog farmers to go over and teach them how to raise pigs a couple of decades ago, does that mean we have to quit eating bacon?

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"does that mean we have to quit eating bacon?" When a pig runs the country, you better. Oh wait...

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I'm so fucking bored of casual corruption on both sides. Anyone who wants to serve their country - no matter what country that is - should give up personal privacy when they do so. They should be forced to livestream their life and publish their personal records unless they're doing classified shit. Because fuck trust. If someone is discharging their duties appropriately, we should never need to trust them.

If we did this, none of these stories would exist, because it would be obvious from the start if that shit was on the up-and-up.

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This is why I'm ok with the leaks on Trump. Leak all the things. Even if we don't go as far as you suggest it's good for the public to get a random audit every now and again. Without leaks we'd be screwed.

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As much as I don't like the God-Emperor being fucked with, I gotta say, unless it's some seriously sensitive materials (i.e. battle strategies, negotiations with hostile countries, etc) I'm kind of okay with them trying to leak stuff. While I understand that Trump's personal privacy should be respected as much as any other person's - especially on account of him not being a career politician - Mr. Maddow showed that there's virtually nothing on the man to 'expose.'

Otherwise, it would've been done already.

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GOD FORBID that we have people in power who actually want to be there to make positive changes. Those people seldom have anything to hide from those they work for. But then, we'd have to vote for a person who is BETTER than ourselves instead of who is most like ourselves. And, with our precious egos? That will never happen.

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Any subversive activity by the left is OK.

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They're always headed to bucks.

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i love it when i see this expression, the powerlessness is palpable. gives me hope.

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According to Vox Day, SJWs always lie, double-down, and project. As far as I can tell, there exists no counter-evidence to this theory.

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Moral relativism, gotta love it.

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