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Two months ago, I called it with this post.

I realize that the wording could be misunderstood. That's why I tried to tag it as "SPIN". Specifically the MSM was doing spin to make it seem like Trump didn't have evidence.

Everyone who has followed Trump and his game plans quickly realizes the 4D chess isn't from being an insane genius, but being a master strategist.

The difference the libtards want is a Stephen Hawking or Asshats like Bill Gates to make political statements because they are 'smart'. That's a genius, super smart in a focused area and then applies the Dunning–Kruger effect saying "I know about Politics!". Or "I understand Economics!" (See thief Cuckerberg here).

A strategist understands general principles that apply universally. Cause-Effect relationships, being able to apply the butterfly effect and creating proper positive feedback loops.

EVERYTHING, Trump has done and been targetted against shows up completely in his favor in two to three months down the line. WITHOUT FAIL. Honestly, I have to give him kudos on being an excellent strategist. One worth being in the presidency. If nothing else, he can see a long term plan for America and is currently wading the deep state waters and putting down markers. The markers may be small things, but once looked at from afar you can see where the drainage lines are going to run... and what filter it is going to run through to make it usable land once again.

To the moderators: /u/system, /u/flyawayhigh [M], /u/heygeorge [J], /u/Terrorist [J], /u/hamhamham [J], /u/guinness2 [D]

Thanks for being solid mods. Shame I didn't think enough to do a self post. But when it comes to breaking apart shareblue/mm and other soros ilk, I got your backs.


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Wow, sharing a link showing how the left is trying to spin this and get shutdown even while using archive.is. Jebus.


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Too many posts here a voted on without even a glance at the material, and even fewer head to the comments.