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What do you mean by comprised image site? Do you mean if you click the link, it grabs your information or something?

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Oh, lol. I don't know what the story is but sanegoat seems to be very upset about a lot of things.


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  1. it uses cloudflare
  2. no canary or privacy policy afaik
  3. creator randomly disappeared a few months ago


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  1. the same reason could be given for not using voat. It uses cloudflare. You're here, why can't you take your own advice?

  2. Would seem to be superfluous in the face of 3. A canary is only as good as its keeper. Online canaries are worthless in circumstances where the site owner can be replaced (which is almost everywhere).

  3. Unless you know the guy IRL you have no idea if he randomly disappeared, went on holiday, got jailed, or was ill, that's just made up shit. It seems that you're a fantasist!