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Original tweet here. I love that he just reached millions of people with this tweet. Perhaps more than the media would have in any report. :)


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I would not have been told this ever by australian media and rely on twitter and voat to keep my informed of how well he is doing.

This is insanely fantastic and it should be reported, even if only in america. He is doing an amazing job so far. I hope he sticks to his values and continues winning.


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you posted to the compromised imghost imgtc. jmtullock was replaced by jmtullock2 and absolutely shows no similarity in any way to the original tullock.

please do not use compromised imghosts.

it's bad for you bad for voat and bad for goats.


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I'm the same to everyone else, I always thought you were a worthless piece of shit only now I don't bother hiding it

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What do you mean by comprised image site? Do you mean if you click the link, it grabs your information or something?