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I completely forgot that yesterday was the no illegal day. Nothing in my life changed and it made me even more confident in my belief that they bring no value to society. I don't even notice if they're gone! So I agree, take another day off illegals!

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To be fair, a single day wouldn't make much of a difference at all. The movement was pretty retarded. One day won't make a difference, and they can't really afford to do any more.

Out! Out! Out!

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For how much they complain i cant believe they could afford one day.

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How about a day without a Mexican? I think there was movie like that.

[–] Fuhrer 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

The real illegals dont even know wtf is going on, they to busy working. The only people that gave this any atenttion the the amercanized legal americans.

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True, illegals don't want to draw attention to themselves because they're criminals.

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There were a few less bums and people wandering around downtown than usual. It was rather nice.

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Even the bums went on strike? "I refuse to beg you for money today gringo!"

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I saw something about this yesterday, but didnt know when it was meant to be as the post i read didnt really say. But ya, it got zero coverage in australia that i saw, wankers.

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I mow my own fucking lawn, and I make my own fucking burritos, and I wash my own fucking car, and I do my own fucking dishes.


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Fuk dishes tho srsly

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hahaha, yeah. I agree.

I cook, so I inevitably do a ton of dishes. I'll be glad once my kids grow up and I can make them do it.

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Just use paper plates and plastic forks and shit. Fuck it.

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That's what the kids are for.. do your err umm (my chores).


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What did you do with all the time you saved not typing all those letters? I bet you did some house repairs, didn't you? Good on you.

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I honestly doubt any illegals even took a day off. I'm sure it was a day for wealthy liberals to wear a special pin showing 'solidarity' while they gave their illegal gardener an extra 20 minute break that day.

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I live in Southern California, and I TOTALLY noticed it.

Not in a negative way though... But in a dramatic positive way that highlights how much we don't need them and how fucking stupid they all are to begin with!

There was ZERO traffic anywhere yesterday. 5 Fwy? None. 405 Fwy? None. 15 Fwy? None. 91 Fwy? None. 76 Hwy? None.

Just like what I thought would happen. So cal has massive freeways and roads, once all the fucking beaners get deported, there will be virtually no traffic.

Also? No lines at any business. Fast food? No long line. Hardware store? No long line. Grocery store? No long line.

There's normally ALWAYS lines. This just shows me how much my precious homeland has been invaded by these pieces of shit.

No businesses that I couldn't do without closed. All the mexican stores, own/run BY mexicans FOR mexicans were closed, but none of them would have gone shopping anyways. Nice little economic echo chamber.

What a bunch of fucking idiots. Get the fuck out of my country.

Congrats on showing us how much better life would be without you illegal fuckwits destroying our country!!!

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My guess is this was a white liberal move and the Mexicans didn't know and/or didn't care about. They are here to get paid and will do so, so long as the government allows them too. My bet is most of them don't give a fuck about any Leftist Political cause. They want money, free shit and better chance of not being murdered/ransomed by Drug Cartels and the Corrupt Mexican Government.

Build a wall, send them back and then allow the non criminals to apply for work visas or citizenship like everyone else from all over the world.

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They care about leftist political causes, they just don't care about white leftist political causes. They're not going to take a paycut for an entire day so that white liberals can feel good, but they'll happily support La Raza and various Mexican political movements in California.

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Torcy's Tacos in Austin, Texas was closed. I've never seen a hispanic person working there. Not in the front of the house anyway. Whatever. Traffic was lighter though, so there's that.

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Good. Torchys is shitty, overpriced tacos anyways. I hope they crash and burn.

Get your tacos at the gas station, like God intended.

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They opened a torchys near me a year or so ago. It's very ... meehhhhhhhh food. And SUPER expensive.

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There were some other ghetto shitty places closed. I was able to pick my nephew up from school and didn't get stuck in traffic.

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I agree and we need to highlight that Trump supporters don't generally use illegal labor. Big meat not withstanding. We aren't the ones with illegals as maids and nannys. It's the coastal elites that want to keep their house slaves, because they can abuse them under pay them and keep a clear line in their homes as to their superiority. They can't hire whites or blacks because when they tell us we can't look them in the eye as we do our chores around them and their family/friends they'd get punched or sued. Jews especially love hiring illegal browns as house slaves. Look at the cruise ship staff. Enslaved browns who's passports are kept from them and tossed away like garbage if they speak up. When you cruise out of America, you are on a jew owned slave ship.

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My white American housekeeper is more professional, thorough, and efficient than any of the immigrant cleaners I tried (5). Not only that but she's 33% cheaper.

Take a year off.

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