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AP has a memo. Spicer denies it. That's not fake news. It's Spicer being Spicer.

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Well, that's fucking sad. I WANT him to call up the guard, round these pieces of shit up by the millions, and march them south of the border...or to wherever the fuck they came from. We have hundreds of unused FEMA camps around the nation, it's time to start filling them with the 22 million assholes who make the wage slavery of actual Americans a reality....

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Breaking news: Just in to CNN, the Michigan State Police have just invaded Canada. We have this on authority from a very good White House source.

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Same thing happened about Trump "invading" Mexico.

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Doesn't look fake to me. Someone, somewhere in the gov't floated this. The idea never took enough hold to go further. This only helps Trump. Now he can say, see? I didn't do the really extreme thing I did something else...

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Good thing, Have you seen how many illegal immigrants are in the National Guard.

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illegal immigrants in the military

Oh ho ho I would love to see you prove that.

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They said it IN THE ARTICLE that it was fake ha ha ha.

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Yeah, they can just outsource this to G4S security. Like what the Obama administration did. Only now these guys can deport them, and they don't fall under any international treaties.

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