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Wow. They should really put this Brexit thing to a vote or something

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Blair is the UK's Hillary. Total embarrassment now.

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He believes in things after the check clears.

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Do not trust someone with a purple tie who smiles like that while holding their hands up the way he is doing in the picture because in Psychoanalytical terms they're probably fixated at the stage of the libido that has to do with having fun holding your stools back. Their ensuing morbidity is expressed in gleeful destruction and cruelty. There you go Tony!

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This cockgobbler needs to shut the fuck up and gobble more cock. Fucking backstabbing little prick, coming running after the people speaks, trying to subvert their will for his own gain and that of his globalist masters. We're on to your bullshit, you little wanker, the day of the rope is coming. Just you wait.

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Tony thinks the people are stupid...

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Tony Blairs' rectum is almost always full of Jewish semen.

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The Iraq war? Or what was the previous thing?

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