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Attempting to undermine the President, and thus the USA itself solely for political sabotage is absolutely a national security threat, and everyone--regardless of political leanings--should be concerned about this.

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I agree. Like Trump said, if he can't even talk to the president of another country without someone leaking the classified transcript, a criminal act no matter who you are, how can you talk tough with someone like North Korea in private communications, without possibly starting a war. They should track down the leakers and prosecute.

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Obama is intent on that third term... and his people are on it. Maybe Trump might ask Obama to withdraw his troops and sit down and shut up. Forever.

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What troubles me the most is that group of people that no matter what someone does, if they support them or what they're doing, then they'll defend them. Before there was always a fringe element of society here in the U.S. that would support their party and candidate no matter what. Those people are no longer on the fringes, they're on the street blocking traffic on your way home from work and they're on the news everyday. Anytime a President or party starts abusing their power, I'm going to pull back. Even worse though, is what's going on with the intelligence community right now and what people like George Soros is doing. It's absolute treason and it's criminal. Worse than that, it's not even being done by just a political party but now openly being done by the intelligence community, which is not elected at all. People should be scared and concerned.

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The IC community is blatantly committing treason.. He should lock all the SOBs up and throw away the key.

Traitors deserve the rope!

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This is obvious. Where else would all the leaks be coming from?

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remove remnant

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Machiaveli said in The Prince you gotta eliminate everyone from the old/previous administration (rulers in his case) that might have had the slightest hint of loyalty.

Things never really change when it comes to people.

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Get rid of these fucking people and DO NOT hire replacements

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Yeah that and all the mossad controlled pedos

How much is it again ?

1 out of 3 in both parties ?

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No check mark. Seems suspicious

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Yea, this has circulated in various places, but its not a verified account. So take it as you will, but don't fall for fake twitter accounts, which the democrats/MSM seems to be doing atm.

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I thought the biggest threat was all the "ex" Goldman Sachs people he hired, Tillerson worked for Exxon.

It just seems like the deeper deep state didn't tell the leftist media to support Trump so he could seem like a populist candidate, even though he didn't support auditing the FED and is a big supporter of Israel. Maybe he is just a well hidden tool for starting an economic war with China?

I'm not saying any of this is true, but I would love to hear some opposing viewpoints on this.

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As a candidate, President Trump strongly supported auditing the Federal Reserve -- a move that many fear could subject the world's most powerful central bank to political interference. But Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Treasury secretary nominee, doesn't sound like he believes auditing the Fed is necessary.

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I'd sooner agree. If he were truly so principled he'd be legalizing weed and hitting them right where it hurts with an open and free /fair market model. Don't see that happening. Hm... tool.

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There are still political realities, as much as we'd like to see all the right moves made, its unlikely. If we can fix some of the fundamental problems, namely the corruption and opportunism it would be a great victory. Oh, and an independent, moral press. If Trumpo decides to take advantage of the same immoral means, like Obama did with Bush and almost every politician in history has, the world is in trouble.

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I think if he wasn't "Republican" he would have done it right away. This article from 1990 might shed some light on what Trump actually thinks. He has said he is 100% for medical marijuana. I think he has also said he wanted to has marijuana tested more rigorously for any other medicinal qualities they haven't discovered yet.

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