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They paint out Trump to be a hateful venomous person, but the hate that I've seen is ALL coming from these 1 dimensional concern troll shills.

And do you ever notice they always directly aim their seering hatred at Trump? Never seems to be aimed towards Paul Ryan or someone who actually deserves to be ran out of town

To conclude, fuck you shills, we elected Trump, impeachment will never happen, and let's be real here, you don't want Trump impeached, you are wishing for an assassination. Which will be the next level of hysteria after realizing impeachment isn't viable.

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ALL coming from these 1 dimensional concern troll shills.

You can just say CNN you know

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lol no. it's so much more than that.

anyway @rummel YOU may try to say this bullshit everyday on voat, but if you attempted to speak outside the controlled narrative, you'd be silenced and character assassinated.

good luck,


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Libtards love grasping at straws. To a libtard, its all about subjective "fairness", where to a conservative its about morality/values.

So they'll scream "unfair" and go "REEEEEEEE" until they get what they want.... but... I don't see yet-another-woman-march producing results, do you?

Its like they're totally out of ideas.... its fucking hilarious.

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I've noticed that the left's tactics of labeling people they don't agree with as racists has lost any effects so they have moved on now to calling people out as nazis.

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49% Now trust Trump

39% Trust Legacy Media

BTFO Greasy David Brock Shills!

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TRUMP! "Very fake news". Amazing. Best press conference EVER.


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Watching Trump cockslap all the fucking uppity reporters in there was fucking awesome. He totally OWNED the CNN and BBC dudes, not to mention the slap-down for the beanie-wearing token jew reporter... lol, that was classic.

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10/10 Our president has the best bantz

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Been alive for 6 presidents, and honestly I've never felt more patriotic. Yeah, Trump isn't perfect and neither were the previous version.

People voted for whom they thought would change the system- the system that has been corrupted since before my and your parents were born.

Would believe what trump says over ANY media outlet- No I'm not brainwashed; the mainstream media has a proven track record of lies and deceit.

OTL folks- the steam is extremely volatile, and there is no way to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. If the hidden hands of the world seek a reset; then that plan is on track. If restructuring occurs and leadership is disposed- the entire steam-powered world will come to a screeching halt. We will all suffer the same fate- you're just as much a slave to the system as the rest of us. Tread lightly as we both know that steam can build nations when utilized correctly, and can burn if mishandled.

Onward and Upwards

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Trump isn't perfect

only president in my lifetime to fulfill his campaign promises

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This is my tenth president and still the only one to do what the fuck he said he was going to do. Every day under Trump warms my heart....

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Goes without saying "no one is perfect."

And, yes Trump is certainly keeping to his plans. He's done better so far than the last 5 at doing what they say.

Imho, I think people are afraid of the change Trump represents, and it's hard facing the fact that it will take effort to achieve a better world.

He's fighting an uphill battle, but the people are rallying behind what he stands for. (The press wants us to believe otherwise, but far too many people have woke up).

Change arrived- now we see how it plays out.

Good Luck to us All!

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High Five good sir!

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Well then you must be racist.....or something......

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how many times has a shill shilled another shill

[–] Calgacus 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

How much shill would a Hill shill shill if a Hill shill could shill Hill??

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Little children will tell horror stories of going into bathrooms, turning off the lights, saying Hillary Clinton 3x And she will show up in your email.

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The same as the amount of wood Chuck Norris would chuck if he could (all of it)

[–] Rummel [S] 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Exactly 42 times

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Iz the sero significant?

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ShillCeption -- "I specialize in a very advanced form of shilling...."

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HILARIOUS!!! please elaborate on your ' very advanced form or shilling...' ?

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DAE think rummy is putting his own macaroni pictures on the fridge, if you know what i mean

[–] Rummel [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I'm half Italian and this is very offensive

[–] cointelpro_shill 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

lasagna is offensive

[–] GimmeTheUsual 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

If you think Italians are offensive now, just wait until summer!


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