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Hillary would sell us all as pet food for $1 if she needed change for a soda machine.

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Not all of the media was silent. The New York Observer broke this story last year. I remember reading about this long before the election took place.

Here is a suggestion: When you see news that the MSM is silent on, take note of the news outlet that was NOT silent. Bookmark their home page and make sure you visit their site once in a while. If they are actually reporting real news give them a little web traffic and help them be a successful news outlet.

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Bitch wanted that power over the world. IF she had won, she would have assigned Monica L's bf a position and him and Killary WOULD HAVE been the most powerful couple in the world.

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Jew media SILENT!

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That site is icky


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Well, she's a Democrat, so...

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Hillary could do anything and the press never complained. The press is an arm of the democrat party.

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Media silent on that cunt Soros affecting EU elections.

Or more to the point, the EU is silent on the cunt Soros affecting EU elections.

Soros-Backed Group Urges EU to Use ‘Nuclear Option’ on ‘Populist’ Polan

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