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I call bullshit. Snowden said he had access to tap nearly anyone's phone and he was just a contractor. Who can legally listen in on the conversation and who actually can are not the same groups of people.

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The real treason is being made on the people of the US. What I don't get this whole situation is how neither the MSM nor the fucking alt-media don't mention how these stupid calls were gotten.

Everyone apparently accepted that they have no right to privacy, at all. This is the downfall, not the idiot protesters, not the democrats, it's the lazy people who have stopped fighting for their right to privacy.

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The public has been brainwashed by crime dramas. In these dramas, things like "due process" are just obstacles that obstruct justice and when the cop breaks the rules to put the bad guy away, everyone is supposed to cheer.

While police are still legally bound to observe the fourth amendment, information obtained by parties other than the police is not restricted and the public is supposed to cheer rather than be worried.

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Your government has been reading your mail and tapping your phones since the 50's, buddy.

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the lazy people who have stopped fighting for their right to privacy.

Some of us were fighting it all along. I wonder how many of the folks here protested the Patriot Act ... I did.

Just so you know, they were captured by allies as well:


It's ENTIRELY possible this leak didn't come from US intelligence.

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The armchair activists on the internet have been historically bad at finding the "who" behind anything. This source-less image seems like just another person trying to stir up some shit.

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Dunno anything about Brennan,

Clapper though, I distinctly remember him lying straight up to congress and to me that the NSA was not spying on American citizens. Lets lock him up just to be safe.

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Clapper is a complete idiot who couldn't even realize when the Saudi Arabian intelligence community was targeting him for conversion. At this point, I am fully willing to believe that the guy has no mental backbone and just dances to the tune of whoever pulls his strings (either in the US' Obama administration, the 7th-floor shadow government, or the Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies that Clapper has been loyal to ever since he converted to Islam).

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Clapper has been loyal to ever since he converted to Islam)

YOu fucking kidding me?

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"the leak had to come from one of them"

Do you believe that? Security clearance doesn't prove a crime, or even motive, last time I checked.

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A great excuse to get rid of these assholes. Brennan was head of bushes and obamas CIGay. Clapper probably had a hand in JFK's assasination, he's been insulating himself for 50 years by staying in the intelligence community. Good riddance.

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That's actually not what treason is at all. I'm sorry it hurt your feelings, snowflake, but read the section of US law that defines treason.

Acting against the government isn't treason. You have to do it in a way that helps an enemy of the US. Meaning the US actually has to be at war and you have to directly help that enemy. Don't talk about law until you know it.


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I didnt make the meme. So if I find that 4chan hacker Ill let em know.

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Don't we already have proof that Clapper lied under oath?

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It was probably obama. He finally did something himself.

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The textbook definition of treason is: "the crime of betraying one's country".

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