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Ben Garrison hitting the nail right on the head.

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Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
Cavendish (Kennedy)
De Medici
Sinclair (St. Clair)
Warburg (del Banco)
Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

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Rothchilds are names right next to Uncle Sam's hat and the Rockefellers

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Yeah you're right, but try to get that published in a major newspaper. At least he's pointing out the minions.

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10 years ago I would have passed this off as delusional garbage but, today I think it's an accurate depiction. I have to wonder if all those things I ignored long ago were real and I just couldn't believe or did my unwillingness to believe birth these abominations into existence.

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The post-Snowden world is very different from the pre-Snowden one. Peoples' understanding of the world has generally improved thanks to the Internet and that has created a shift in our collective consciousness. Since we are all plugged into the same collective consciousness (more or less), it is not surprising that this shift has altered the way you think in some deep or fundamental way.

One way or another, the West is going to have to confront its demons. Even if the process itself is painful we should hopefully emerge much stronger and better off on the other side.

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The world isn't any different. Snowden was just more successful at reaching a wider audience than previous whistleblowers. The world has been this fucked up for a long time.

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They were likely real.

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they were, and you couldn't.

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I feel the same way. I've been touching back on things I thought were just really out there but they are starting to make much more sense. Hillarys emails revealed to me how conspiratorial they really are, how they talk about the people like a king talks of peasants. Then I realize that some of the conspiracies are just too out there to be believed by anybody (like flat earth), but maybe that's a conspiracy to discredit conspiracies, but then I gaslight myself. I also see how some conspiracies have been misrepresented to me, like the vaccine one (I don't buy it without some real solid evidence, because of the danger of the diseases) the more serious proponents don't say all vaccines, they say specifically mrm (mumps, rubella measles) vaccine. That's not something you hear, or that rubella has specifically been connected to autism (not proving it true and they could have just been clickbaiting idk). Then I look back at JFK, some weird shit going on there, and I look at 9/11 , some uber weird shit there. You go back to WWII, find out Germans DID have a jewish problem (don't remember the stats but something like 50% of doctors were Jewish), further find out Hitler offered many peaceful ways for them to leave. Look a little earlier than WWII how did a country pay off a debt like that (equiv to 442 billion dollars) foreign investment much (Ford, etc). Realize that many famous people were sympathizers of the Nazis and agreed with the problem of Jews. See that Jews have been kicked out of literally every place they've been to, realize they have an aggressive victim complex. Realize my culture is becoming full of victims, realize minorities are getting more power than majorities. Realize their are a disproportionate amount of Jews in just about every field (because we are smart, goy). Realize white people cannot argue for the protection of their race but that is all that Jews talk about. Realize international Jews are pushing for mass immigration from third world countrys, realize they may have been involved in the initial conflict. Realize every US president cowtows to Israel. Realize that Hitler has a lot to do with all the Jews in Israel, realize that the British govt secured Israel for THEM. When have the British ever given anyone anything without exploiting them, think this is the first case. Realize that Saudi Arabia is part of the same interest. Realize this is a beast with thousands of heads flailing in different directions. Realize my neighbour is a Jewish rabbi and he's a really nice guy but his children look at me as though Im the devil. Realize they are people too, this is where I am, it's sad but all of this is very human. I've never considered myself a racist, talking about the Jews shouldn't even be racist. They do this so they can have more victim cards to hold up Jew minority of religion and Jew minority of race. A culture of victimization inevitably leads you to victimize especially if you also devalue other races. Add in a little usury and you can see how this all comes together. But lets not dehumanize like they do, they are flesh and blood and should be looked at for personal merit, but held to account for the law. Also it isn't just Jews which makes it so much more complicated, but the defining factor at that level in society is greed, no matter who you are. There are alot of good people who are just sucked into the pc mentality (trust me Im a canadian). I believe all humans are equal, but cultures are not equal at all. Sorry for ranting my dude.

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All in all it's just another brick in the wall

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and the illuminati too...everythingis is cool tho. if you want me to not take you seriously, talk about satan.

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You seem to be implying Satan needs to exist in order for satanists to do what they do.

Satanism is an actual entity with a certain amount of supporters.

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Depends on what manner of satanism you are talking about. Proper Biblical devil worship is one thing, but a subset of Satanists are actually skeptics / atheists that practice an ideology of antagonism towards religion and perform scientific and critical thinking outreach at schools.

By no means is this an endorsement, but here is what I'm referring to.

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Isn't it more like a moral free pass? Everything is for the individual pleasure

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i geuss, but dont they feel silly?

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Conspiracy often has a kernal of truth at it's heart--it's what keeps it alive where a fabrication would just die out.

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Holy geezes....

:3 it's a meme war now Ben Garrison style

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Dont forget the secret space program. Everyone forgets the apollo missions were not the only missions to other planets. Manned colonies exist on the moon and mars as revealed by the guy who found off world personal after hacking nasa back in 2006. These oligarchs and non earth nazis have been ravaging our people through abduction programs for decades. The crimes against humanity are staggering. There are whistle blowers on this topic. The highest levels of these shadow governments were designing there plans to make us a lsave race ruled over by these secret groups on these other worlds. This is the explaination of the trillions of dollars that disappear from the defense budget. This is the source of a lot of trafficking through the deep military bases on earth which have association with the moon and mars bases.

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Didn't notice Warren Buffett, the inventor of "too big to fail," being listed on that wall. That man is the villainy and hypocrisy of the Left personified. Nothing says "I'm a liberal elitist" quite like a owning everything the liberal populace opposes (fast food, insurance, blood diamonds and Wall Street) while supporting Clinton.

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