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Speech starts at 60:35

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Thank you !

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This man is a fucking machine. He is a leader men and women can look up to.

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I'm a pretty solid guy and I could not do 1% of what this guy does. I am a smart man and he is way smarter than I.

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Thank you, and holy fuck did he kick the everloving shit out of the cucked media. Called the fuck out, damn that's inspiring!

He told it like it is, none of this politician formatted stuttering "if if if if if if if..." He just came out and said it, from the heart & with common fucking sense. That's fucking refreshing, a non politician in the white house.

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Thank you!

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I never seen anyone bitch slap a media like this before.

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They've needed it for a long long time.

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You better believe it.!! I mean...Are you kidding me? They think we have short memories but we all now how the press gave Hilary quesitons.
This leak is also turning on the Libs big time

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The BBC guy's part was my fav. If I was a video editor guy I would cut just that part and have it loop. Its awesome.

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"I inherited a mess"- President DJT

IF YOU CAN, THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED YOUR LITHIUM. What do you think guys? Whats your favorite part?

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Hitler inherited a mess, therefore... TRUMP WANTS TO KILL 6 BILLION JEWS!

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That may have been something extremely unique, something never seen before in the face of mankind. It was a historic and defining moment for the whole world.

He has shown to the world that the fake news media and their lies can be defeated, can be mocked, and that the people are not alone in their disgust against the MSM.

Srsly, it was amazing, it was exemplary, top notch A+++ perfect performance. He managed to do newsroom bantz, something that most presidents cannot do, he fucking did it. With this conference he once more managed to drag the hearts and minds of the whole nation to his side. Whatever stragglers were left there are probably picked up by now.

It was amazing.

Do we even deserve someone like him? An actually capable person at the helm of a position that needs a capable person such as him?

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Goddamn Acosta the cuck, sitting in the back. He's a hack with those questions. He's digging his own grave with every question.

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It was fun watching Trump dick slap the MSM.

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Trump Friendly NY Post joins fake media, calls it a Rant


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he even called it:

tomorrow the headline will be "donald trump, rants and raves"

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It was funny when he called them the "Failing" NYT.

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especially since the NYT has been doing great since the election.

Trump is good for the NYT

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Heonestly just comes across as a simple man. Boastful? Yes. But simple and focused on making business in America better. Focusing on building and repairing the "mess" in this country and the world. He's right: everything is negative. And thats fine if the media runs negative stories about this admin if they screw up, do something wrong or bad, but the negativity is based on nothing. Either straight up lies or tiny things blown out of proportion. Is Trump 100% transparent? No, he obviously dances around some questions and isnt telling the whole story, but that is how classified info works. We all appreciated the leaks when they showed us how terrible Cliton and the Dems are, but that doesnt make them less illegal, but thats on Hilary for doing such a bad job. The leaks now are an indide job, and the info being leaked is being twisted to specifically fit a narative that Trump and team are Russian pawns. Its illegal activity being used to spread lies and rumors, not illegal activity exposing illegal activity for the common good.

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