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I agree shit hit the fan mid oct. im gonna look into your links and see how much actually adds up. The inside 911 thing seems far fetched, as i can't see proof coming out 15+ years later...

There has been a huge change in demeanor, grammar, patterns etc from wikileaks since then, plus that dead mans switch that just turned itself off. Not making sense and i know in my gut you're closer to the truth than not.

Now, why the fuck can no one else see, or feel this or whatever? No one actually give a fuck?? Like when you bring it up people jump on the offensive. Like the pizzagate thing. No one has ALL the answers. But how you gonna sit there and say there's nothing fishy there ??

Sometimes i just wanna turn it all off and disappear into my bubble, like i imagine most of these matrix fucks live. But then i think no, id be just as bad as them. And maybe even jump down their throats for trying to wake ME up!