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They all thought that this was a slam dunk for her. How can t he likes of a Donald Trump be the fucking president is exactly what they were thinking. Grandma was told to such an extent that she has this election in the bag that she didn't even campaign the last 4 months leading up to the election. The IC was in this camp as well. Slam dunk and she's in followed by IC funding and expansion. What they all didn't count on was the silent majority they didn't believe existed which over whelmed the cheating they were pinning the win on. Again, this win was completely unexpected by the IC and now they're in oh shit spin control mode and are panicking.


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Again, this win was completely unexpected by the IC

Either they expected it and were doing everything they could to get HC votes or they purposefully made sure Trump won for reasons unknown at this time. I really don't think they're so incompetent that they couldn't see his win coming if that were the case.