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Very stupid or very desperate. Most coups and civil wars are really a matter of desperate rich people pushed to the brink of financial ruin by political infighting deciding to "go all in," rather than be disgraced or jailed.


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Most coups and civil wars are really a matter of desperate rich people

That is it. The plan to force the wealthy Global elite to re-Industrialize the USA in order to avoid tariffs is a nightmare scenario that the elites and Deep State will do whatever they can to stop.

President Trump is the Gaius Gracchus of our time. Citizens need to do whatever they can to prevent a similar fate befalling Trump.

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The Kennedy brothers are a much better analogy for the Gracchi but..

Gaius Gracchus was a reckless pompous asshole rich boy too so they definitely have that in common. I'm not saying Gracchus was wrong but his assassination was the only thing that prevented a civil war from breaking out. Both of the Gracchi could have played a longer term game and let things unfold and shift slowly but they were impatient, rash and arrogant as hell. Also it is of note that our nation does not have the same instruments of power to work with in that the citizenry of Rome had much more power than we ourselves do as Americans. Their voting rights got stronger and stronger and began to center around demagogues like the Gracchi but Americans have no such strengthening of our voting rights.

And you know what else? We have less patriotism than they did too. Their identity as Romans was very dear to them whereas our identify as Americans is very vague and hazy to us. Many people have a lot of different ideas about it means to be American. What this means is that when civil war comes back to this place the odds of us being able to remain one nation is extremely low. Especially because Trump has made himself such a divisive figure by being unwilling to compromise.

Let them foment civil war. They will be burned by the factions that they create and meanwhile maybe the rest of us can go free.