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The IC wanted Bill Clinton's wife to win. With her their shit would be not only be allowed to continue but get a massive expansion. The turn coats in the Republican party like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan etc.. Were hoping for a Clinton victory as well. This is absolutely a fight and it's a fight we need to win. Trump is coming in with a wrecking ball and tearing it all down. James Comey needs to go and go today! He's a shill that's absolutely trying to undermine Trump. Trump and his people are not stupid and know exactly what's going on His people are loyal to him and the leaks are coming from the NSA and FBI and this needs to be acted upon quickly and examples need to be made. Russia is just an MSM distraction for the masses who still actually buy the horse she they are selling.


[–] PoeticallyIncorrect 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

What doesn't make sense to me in this theory is that the IC could have easily made her win...I mean she had everything on her side, how could a simple voting machine count come between what the IC wants?

What seems more likely is that they wanted her to win, but didn't want the community of people like us looking under every nook and cranny to get her thrown out, so instead, they fold their cards and make sure Trump wins to keep a few skeletons hidden while they reorganize.


[–] aria_taint 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

They all thought that this was a slam dunk for her. How can t he likes of a Donald Trump be the fucking president is exactly what they were thinking. Grandma was told to such an extent that she has this election in the bag that she didn't even campaign the last 4 months leading up to the election. The IC was in this camp as well. Slam dunk and she's in followed by IC funding and expansion. What they all didn't count on was the silent majority they didn't believe existed which over whelmed the cheating they were pinning the win on. Again, this win was completely unexpected by the IC and now they're in oh shit spin control mode and are panicking.


[–] Anaximandel 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

My way of looking at this is that they can fake a certain amount of votes but they can't flip an avalanche. For example, they can turn a 20% vote to a 30%, but not a 20% into a 60%.


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You mean the same IC that in the FBI leaked to Guliani they found e-mails on Huma Abedin's servers?