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Trump-Russia ties and relationships - Business Insider

"Steele, citing these sources heavily, wrote a series of memos detailing alleged coordination between the Kremlin and Trump's campaign team."

'One of the Trump campaign representatives present at the meeting, JD Gordon, has since denied intervening in the platform hearing. ', "The dossier claims Source E â\x80\x94 allegedly Millian â\x80\x94 had knowledge of Trump's business dealings in China.", "A month after the Republican convention, on August 14, The New York Times reported new details about Trump campaign manager Manafort's involvement with Ukraine.", "An American consultant named Paul Manafort, who was mentioned throughout Steele's dossier, served as Donald Trump's campaign manager until August 2016."

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The dossier was quite hilarious. What's more hilarious is Steele was never contacted to authenticate any of it. (Hint: Steele didnt write it). And then there's the guy who was trolling the journalist who gave him the dossier, which he wrote as a joke, and it's documented on Reddit well before the "leak" of the dossier. Nice try, liberals, nice try.


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So far, Trump has managed to insult:

Mexico (“They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists,...”),

Canada (Trudeau is “easily Canada’s worst president yet.”),

Germany (“Germany is a total mess - big crime. Get smart!”),

China (“We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing,...“),

Philippines (“We are dealing with animals,”),

Greece (“At $24 trillion, that’s the point of no return. We will be there soon. That’s when we become Greece! That’s when we become a country that’s unsalvageable.”),

India (Trump 'put on a bad Indian accent to impersonate a call centre employee'.),

Iran (“Iran continues to delay the nuclear deal while doing many bad things behind our backs. Time to walk and double the sanctions. Stop payments!”),

Saudi Arabia (Trump derided 'the Saudi Prime Alwaleed bin Talal, calling him “dopey” and claiming he “wants to control our US. politicians with daddy’s money.”),

UK (“be honest”, saying the United Kingdom was "trying hard to disguise their massive Muslim problem".),

France (Trump has 'refused to rule out banning individuals from France, saying it was one of several countries “that have totally been“ compromised by terrorism'.),

Australia (Trump HUNG UP on the Prime Minister. McCain had to call to try to fix it).

===> -But NOT RUSSIA, where he is already reducing sanctions.

As for the Trump dossier, you can trash it all you like, but right after it got leaked, Putin had several top Kremlin officers and agents whom he held responsible for the leak 'disappear'. RIGHT AFTER THE LEAK! Coincidence? Really?

They held a top level meeting in the Kremlin. During the meeting, agents burst in and threw a bag over the head of the Kremlin's Chief of IT. He has not been seen since. Putin was furious the intel got out, and decided the Head of IT was responsible for the intel getting to the MI-6 agent. The very fact that all of these agents whom he held accountable for the leak disappeared confirms the validity of the trump dossier. Keep denying it, but it is true.

Whatever Putin is holding over Trump, it has Trump SO SCARED that he has NEVER said a bad word about Russia, but has about almost every other country - both friend and foe.