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The rich are not taking your money. In order for the rich to get your money they have to give something in return. In the case of walmart the government takes your money and gives food stamps to people who buy shit at wal mart and wal mart keeps 3% net profit which adds up to a whole lot because the government has 47 million fucks on food stamps. So w are you mad at walmart ? They figured out a way to sell food cheaper which should keep prices down . otherwise the food stamp benefits would go up and cost you more because you are the one subsidizing them (along with the tens of millions wal mart owners pay each year) Over half of Americans have a negative net worth. (if they cashed in everything and paid off their debts they would still own money.) So if you could cash out and pay everything off and have at least one dollar left over you are RICHER than over half of america COMBINED. The rich are not fucking you. The government is fucking you by building parks and fancy schools and allowing fancy hospitals that then overcharge because they have a giant mortgage.. as long as there is money to lend to you. (assuming you can prove you will pay it back) then who cares if one person or one million people own the debt? They cannot call it except under the terms of the contract. We are in a crisis because the government is worse than a crack whore. They put solar roofs on schools that are 18 years into a 25 year roof meaning they will have to pay millions in a few years to take the solar panels off to replace the roof. The government is too stupid for its own good. They do study after study after study to accomplish nothing. We pay taxes and the government gives grants to universities to find cures and then if they come up with something the University keeps the patent and licenses it to a drug company to fuck the government with drug pricing.and we pay AGAIN. rise up ad learn how bad it is. Trump is going to break this kind of bullshit wide open even if by accident. don't let hem stop him.