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Universities are going to need to go through a revolution before degrees regain their value.

I am a great mathematics teacher (students constantly confide in me how terrible all the other instructors were, how easily I explained everything, etc etc) but I just couldn't handle academia anymore. It really has turned into a shithole.

I do believe that teaching math is my passion, and something I am very good at, but the current climate in academia is so pathetic. Instructors are basically salve labor, and there's no benefit to being a great instructor rather than a terrible one.

And don't even get me started on textbooks...


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Do what Jordan Peterson did, make a youtube channel and teach there, he teaches more people on youtube than students that go to his former university.

Praise KeK.


[–] SaveTheChildren 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Yeah, but can I make a living doing it?

I suppose I could try to live off donations through making good youtube videos of my lectures. I would probably be better off sticking to the math/lecture aspect and hiring someone to handle the production side of things.

The only problem is that it's already a saturated market. The only different thing I can bring to the table are my good looks.

I've been working out tons since quitting teaching, now I could do the lectures shirtless.

Edit: and besides, I'd say the aspect of my teaching that is the strongest is my lecture (a dying art form, if you ask me). This doesn't necessarily translate well to youtube since student interaction is half of what can make a good lecture great.


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I really like that guy but I think that he kind of hit a logical wall when the interviewed with Sam Harris. I don't think it was admirable that he could not concede on a logical grounding for truth.

I think he thinks it undermines his God claim but it also makes the choice to follow some ethical system and arbitrary one. It almost felt like he was just unwilling to budge on the idea because he was afraid of where Sam Harris wood take the argument from first principles


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My daughter teaches high school and with the teacher's union even the worst teacher in school will stay there indefinitely and get the same pay and benefits as the best teacher in the system. The union protects the teachers and to hell with the students. MY daughter works for corporate America now.