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OMG. He really is playing 5D chess.

Five hours into his presidency, he was already making moves to counteract all of the noise from the "non profit" shills.

No wonder the far left is going apeshit; all of thier usual bussiness-as-usual nonsense is useless against Trump.

Even thier constant protests and rallies and sit-ins will have the opposite effect of what they intend. They're just pissing off normal working people and driving middle-of-the-road people to the right.


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Transparency has become a Pandora's box for the Dems. It was all championed until their skeletons come out of the closet, now it's REEEE! Except I am seeing and hearing about every little thing Trump does when he does it (not before as that is strategy, but he isn't hiding what acts he is taking and what he believes).

I am still a stalwart supporter of our President unless and until he proves otherwise. Keep up to keep up Mr. President!


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Like those marxist protesters in Washington who were blocking the streets, a crowd gathered and when the cops showed up and attacked the protesters the crowd cheered and thanked the cops. Even lefty washington is getting fed up with these marxist faggots.


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All the roadblocks that democrats wanted, to keep republicans out, can now be used against them. LMAO


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If they can get past the SJW bio-minefield first!


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Yep, I'd say people are pushed to the right because they don't want to be seen as someone who will vandalize property or file a lawsuit because of hurt feelings.


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Yep. 90% of electoral politics is what's "fashionable." The number of people that form opinions of their own is rather sparse, everyone else just follows along.


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if you see non-profits mentioning him on facebook or twitter archive it and report it to the IRS



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well considering all of those NGOs/PACs seem intent on creating a civil war at the moment, maybe this will slow their roll.


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Hopefully, when the election happened I still went and counted my ammunition, checked my gear, and cleaned my guns just in case the shit for brains who left a death threat for me wanted to play ball.

I didn't take that seriously before but seeing Trump win on CSPAN I was like... wow, it actually happened. Now people are going to really lose their shit. I wasn't wrong either, I made a sandwich and played with my dog and when I sat back down there were protests.

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So this explains all the fake steve bannon news. I like that he isn't giving interviews to Katie Couric or some shit.


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my hero


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Sweet information. Great way to start the day.


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He got in there with a game plan... This is all too well thought out. Since the Globalists have been doing the same old song and dance for decades, it was easy to just watch, take notes, set up the game, and whip their asses at it. Props dude.


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WTF, 4D chess has already bored him silly and it's only week 2...


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For real, I fully expect him to begin teleporting to podiums. Walking is for mortals.


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Trump will probably be the guy to install the "hologram" projectors at locations so he can be beamed everywhere for everyone. And it will be awesome.

Currently Trump is having a Skype meeting system installed in the press room so small press groups can be there as well. So we'll probably see some of the Infowars and Breitbart people on them.

We'll probably see Trump post video and do live streams through the White House's website. This will allow him to bypass the media in almost every way. Another "gift" from the Obama admin. Obama wanted the site's technology capabilities updated.

Trump is the first actual tech literate president.

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