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Bill Clinton ejaculated on Monica's blue dress ALTERNATIVE FACT: Bill Clinton came in her mouth and she spit it out.

CNN did not report about Donald trumps alleged peepee tape ALTERNATIVE FACT: CNN reported a link to the dossier and then proceeded to sell the story salaciously with a nod and a wink to get people to click the link and every intention of its readers to see the false dossier

BLACK LIVES MATTERS SAYS THAT "COPS KILL TOO MANY BLACKS" ALTERNATIVE FACT: If we add in all the ones they shot at who got away and subtract the ones who may have been shot incorrectly Cops didn't shoot enough blacks.

Now I will say that the new Administration should not have said anything about the crowd except that they look forward to filling it full in four years once they turn this franchise around, and point out Obama lost people the second time because all that glitters isn't gold. But in their defense there were other companies doing the counting and when you add in all the people watching around the world on phones and tablets his TOTAL viewership was millions more.