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Thank you. This kind of yellow journalism has been given free reign the last few years but is now, thankfully, facing the cold reality that Trump via Sean Spicer is not going to idly take their misinformation anymore.

Have you watched Sean's press conferences hammering the press for their lies? This is exactly what they need to hear. They've been so smug for so long and he's wiping the smiles off their faces.

The sad thing too is that I'm sure the downvoats this post got were from people who read the post title and thought along the lines of, "Bad words against Trump! This Bad! Downvoat!". Ha! That kind of knee-jerk response is hilarious and sad.


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I agree. All I ever need read is 'unnamed sources' and that immediately kills the story for me. Oh, you may have a source, but how credible? You may also have no source at all, but that bolsters whatever point you're trying to push. This has gotten out of control over the last decades ... and the anti-Trump fervor brought it to a whole new level, but one that is also incredibly transparent.

Yes, have been watching the press conferences and Trump himself speak. Awkward at times, but that's to be expected coming from those not as skilled at DC doublespeak that past smooth talking folks who said the rights things, but did nothing to back up the words. So far, as an average Joe, I've been pleased with what I've seen and see better things ahead. And agree, I love seeing the MSM squirm in their seats. LOL - yesterday, the big news was that Spicer took the first question from the NY Post (scandalous) rather than as per tradition, the AP. What petty, petty hacks.

On the down vote thing, I agree, too. I wish we didn't have a bunch of dumb asses on Voat who never looked beyond a title before pushing the buttons, but I guess it is what it is. You and I post a lot, so it's no surprise that we can kinda sense a title will draw a down votes by the children, just by the way it's worded. I could give a rats ass - LOL - I read a lot and like to add content. If it flies, that's cool, but I never lose sleep over those that don't. It's their loss for not actually reading the piece. Hey, I don't always even agree with some of the stuff I post, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have merit and some others might find it interesting, so I link it anyway. I kind of wish we could do away with down votes altogether and let something sink or swim just on up votes, but it's no biggie. But then I'm an up vote kind of guy, who tends to reward those who post as encouragement that they do so more often. The more the merrier. I only down vote the most obnoxious trolls and spam, those bent on earning my down votes ... otherwise, my negative is to not vote at all - LOL. Dumb system though, in either case. Wish atko would abandon it, but don't expect that to happen, it means so much to so many.