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People acted shitty at rallies against protesters that somehow got in. None got really injured though (as far as I know), just a little roughed up. This is a stark contrast to kidnapping and torturing a literal retard just because he's white and vulnerable, and yelling "Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people"; or dragging a man out of his car, assaulting him in a group, and then stealing his car.


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I'm sure a Trump supporter with a short temper has beaten the snot out of a Hillary supporter at some point because many people are passionate about their political convictions and some people have short tempters.

That said, I'm certain there are two key reasons why Hillary Clinton supporters are behaving like domestic terrorists and rabid animals:

  • George Soros is paying hired-thugs to riot and cause damage and violence in an attempt to present these "actors" as representing normal and authentic outrage to Trump's campaign;

  • Hillary Clinton and Obama ran a gutter-political campaign in which Hillary accused Trump supporters of being irredeemably deplorable and sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and whatever other accusations she could think up throw around. Meanwhile Obama was claiming if Trump won then the terrorists would win too. This hate speech was being amplified by the mainstream media agencies that Hillary bribed to spread her toxic hate speech about how Trump supporters are the enemy of America. In addition to that, Project Veritas made us all aware the DNC were committing domestic terrorist attacks against peaceful Trump supporters at Trump rallies... and when this became public... I believe many ignorant and misinformed leftists considered that behavior of the Democrats to be an invitation to also behave like fascists and terrorists.