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I was thinking the same thing. He says no terror attacks so I turn to my wife and say what about Boston, Ft. Hood, Orlando, San Bernardino? And then he starts listing the same terror acts. I turn to her and say see?

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Those were radical people who claimed allegiance to Isis or whoever, but ISIS themselves or Al Qaeda did not successfully organize an attack. In other words the attacks were not orchestrated by a foreign entity but were domestic terrorism by radical people claiming allegiance to some Islamic organization.

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This type of hair splitting is not going to fly anymore. Thank god.

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Cognitive Dissonance. I'm so happy he's done.

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Pretty sure Embassy's are on American soil.

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Liberals have mental illness and also circular logic. I am thinking it's the brain cancer from watching too much CNN.

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C'mon man, just examples of workplace violence. Nothing to see here.....


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right those terrorist attacks for domestic attacks not orchestrated by foreign organization despite the fact they claimed allegiance to these foreign organizations

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Hard to keep the lies straight anymore. Just like Hillary.

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"workplace violence"

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