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James Woods is just proving the point that Bernie made. China is a sexist, classist, and brutal society, but they also have maternity leave. This means that the Chinese women that do get to make it to adult hood have a benefit that aren't provided to American women. However, these cultural comparisons are not apples to apples because most Chinese women work many more hours in a week and get less time off than American women.

[–] Ho-Chi-Min-Me 6 points 28 points (+34|-6) ago 

Glad to see this is sensibly the top comment. Woods is helping prove Sanders's point and is too stupid to realize it.

[–] SlappyHo 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Same here, i was really worried it would be a bash bernie circle jerk based on stupidity. Glad to see that someone pointed out Woods' stupidity here.

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This is funny. What does this James Woods guy think "not exactly" means? LOL

[–] John_Templeton 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Woods' point is that we shouldn't be taking our cues from China.

[–] Hindex 4 points 4 points (+8|-4) ago 

Which was also Sanders' point

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The reason they are sexist is due to their "one child policy" to be fair, They all want male children.

[–] leahbettsisdead 4 points 18 points (+22|-4) ago  (edited ago)

Nothing like responding to a statement not made. Point taken, but weakens his stance being misleading as he is. Woods is supposed to be ultra intelligent and his statement is about apples when bernie was talking about oranges.

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Bernie's statement is wrong and misleading. No one in China gets full maternity leave. You may get half pay. Most families can't live off that, so the woman goes quickly back to work.

[–] alien_01 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

This is retarded. Anyone actually READ the top tweet?

[–] One-Way_Bus 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Yep. Bernie's tweet is misleading. The government doesn't provide it. The company you work for does, if you get it. Even then you may only get half, if that.

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Both of those things can be true

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my lovely wife is from CHINA, Bernie is full of it...

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I remember being in Beijing reading a newspaper, and they claimed that while prostitution was rampant in the US, it was illegal in China. And every friggin day you saw tons of sex workers dressed as nurses lingerig outside of massage parlors. So maybe officially, they claim to give maternity leave... I doubt it is even close to a standard let alone a well-known concept there. That being said, living there was so much cheaper than here, and I didn't feel like there was an imposing watchful eye... Very cool trip. I even saw Mao. Fucking craziness.

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"China" never has, some Chinese has.

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This is laughable on Bernie Sanders part. That paid maternity thing just started this past year and its so convoluted I would say vast majority of employees dont get it. And i think its not what he thinks it is.

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DuH! It's not Maturity leave it's recuperation time from the beatings they get for not filling out the baby invoice correctly.

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