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Technically they did it to themselves but it feels good when he says it too.

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CNN completely annihilated - I think they are mortally wounded now.

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OK so that YouTube video is an RT vid. But, the reporter stammering and trying to get a q in was from CNN?

Is there a CNN version of this?

Here's one: http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/11/trump-tells-cnns-jim-acosta-you-are-fake-news-video/

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I almost want to switch over to the channel just to see em squirm. I noticed today that the crooked media has done some work on a story in Michigan. It was of a paranoid FBI agent shooting a police officer at Planet Fitness. I searched for the headline so that I could link someone to the news, it was all gone...the list of their headlines remain on search, but the articles were hidden away. Who does one complain about that sort of thing to, officially?

All I can think is that they don't clean anything out of the goodness of their hearts, and are hiding the paranoid agent angle because folks are asking why an FBI agent would even be remotely afraid of a cop in Michigan. No offense MI, I'm a resident. If people follow George Webb's youtube at all, he's let loose the answer to that. Bad cops, workin' on Bad Ops. Our local news did not scrub it, but the news outlets people normally use seem to have, I have screenshots from WaPo and another one. I was so upset it'd been cleansed that I was shaking and only had patience to capture two examples. I'd post it all somewhere here, but I suck at making posts tbh.

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This is not politics as usual. This is greatness! Thank you everyone who voted for this man.

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my registration card will be worth 2 dollars some day

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It is so worth it having Trump up there putting CNN on its place. The entire world is now laughing at CNN idiots now.

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Finally.... a politician who's not a pussy!!!

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These three words are, so simple, so efficient, so nessary.

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I am really looking forward to all the winning coming up.

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Mark my words. Fainting couches will make a comeback. There are too many people who can't handle all the winning.

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gah, now I want a fainting couch. This is me You mad Bro?

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People even clapped when he says it. It's gonna be 8 years of bantz.

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Not just people. Other reporters.

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta tries to shout over female reporter's turn, gets shot down.

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Obama totally scripted his news conferences and other reporters could never ask questions. Did you notice they all started to ask questions when they realized obamas's personal news was told to STFU?

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He was a savage taking no shit from the MSM. I loved every minute of it.

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I'm starting to get tired from all the winning. So much winning on the unstoppable Trump train . . .

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If you get tired of all the winning, just think back to the last 8 years. Think about how you were not able to even stand up for yourself because social media would attack any free thought.

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I get that being tired of winning is a meme, but seriously it's going to take a goddamn lot of winning to get me over how pissed off I am falling off of 2016.

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Trump will be the first President in history to look younger by the end of his terms

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